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Beeny AppBeeny

Simple, easy to play Digital Toys designed for your toddler or baby to play with. No rules, no scores, no penalties. Play music on the harp, pop balloons, spin the Space Mobile or make patterns with the kaleidoscope.


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    Bodmin App


Learn to count to Ten by catching the numbers in the bath game, race your toy car to collect letters, make cloud shapes, play funny music on the Trumpet, and help Bodmin relax at bed time. Simple fun for toddlers, babies and preschool children!


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    Looe App


Create, dress up and take photos of your own Fungoom characters. Make a big mess with lots of colourful paint. Carve sculptures out of rock or decorate the room with party balloons. Or tickle the children to make them laugh!

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If you wish to enjoy finding all the stars again, then click here to clear all the stars.

But remember to make sure you wont make anybody cross by doing so!! There is no Undo!

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