Drive! Collect! Recycle! Create!

The new racing and crafting game, from The World Of Fungooms

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About Litterbugs

The World is in trouble! There have been sightings of strange creatures entering the forests and towns! Witnesses say that these so-called "Litterbugs" drive haphazardly around and leave piles of rubbish in their wake!

We need your help to clear up the mess, and Gumpas has invented a fun way to make the job easy! He has turned an RC Buggy into a high-speed vacuum cleaner!


It gets better! Gumpas has found a way to store all the rubbish you collect and then turn it into new and useful things!

When you've collected the right materials, just dump them into the "Green Machine" and it will make anything you want!
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Latest Updates

Hi, Litterbugs is a whole new game set in the world of The Fungooms. It is currently in development, but over the coming weeks there will be lots of images, videos and updates about the game and you'll be able to find all that stuff right here on this page!

There will also be an online, playable demo very soon, so keep checking in to see what's new. Don't forget to follow us in all the usual places to keep up to date!
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